Why is Death Grips’ Exmilitary not on Spotify?

Death Grips is an experimental hip-hop group known for their intense and abrasive sound. Their mixtape, Exmilitary, is considered one of their most influential and groundbreaking projects. However, fans have been left wondering why this iconic album is not available on Spotify, one of the most popular music streaming platforms.

There are a few reasons why Exmilitary is not on Spotify. Firstly, Death Grips has always been known for their unconventional approach to music distribution. They have often made controversial decisions regarding their music, including leaking albums, canceling shows, and even breaking up at one point. This unpredictability and desire to maintain control over their art may have influenced their decision to exclude Exmilitary from Spotify.

Another reason could be related to sample clearances. Exmilitary heavily samples from various sources, including movies and other songs. Obtaining the necessary clearances for all the samples used in the album could be a complex and time-consuming process. Death Grips may have chosen to avoid this hassle by not releasing Exmilitary on Spotify.

Furthermore, Death Grips has always aimed to challenge the traditional music industry and defy expectations. By keeping Exmilitary off Spotify, they are subverting the norm and forcing listeners to seek out alternative methods to access their music. This approach aligns with their rebellious and anti-establishment persona.

It’s also worth considering that Death Grips’ decision to exclude Exmilitary from Spotify may simply be a strategic move. By limiting the availability of Exmilitary, they are creating a sense of exclusivity and scarcity around the album. This can generate buzz and increase demand from fans, ultimately leading to more dedicated listeners and increased physical sales.

While the absence of Exmilitary on Spotify may be frustrating for fans who rely on the platform for their music consumption, it’s important to remember that Death Grips has always operated outside of the mainstream. Their refusal to conform to industry standards is part of what makes them so unique and captivating.

In conclusion, the reasons why Death Grips’ Exmilitary is not on Spotify are likely a combination of their unconventional approach to music distribution, potential sample clearance issues, their desire to challenge the music industry, and a strategic decision to create exclusivity. Regardless of the reasons, Exmilitary remains a pivotal and influential album that continues to captivate listeners, even if they need to explore alternative platforms to experience it.

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