Spotiflyer for Mac: Download Music Offline with Ease

If you enjoy downloading music offline and playing it on your favorite music player, then Spotiflyer for Mac is the perfect application for you. With Spotiflyer, you can download songs for free from popular streaming services such as YouTube, Jio Saavn, YouTube Music, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Gaana. But it doesn’t stop there. Spotiflyer also allows you to store the audio files of YouTube videos, giving you even more options for offline listening.

Spotiflyer for Mac

Download Songs for Free

One of the key features of Spotiflyer is the ability to download songs for free from a variety of streaming services. Whether you’re a Spotify user or prefer Jio Saavn, YouTube, or YouTube Music, Spotiflyer has got you covered. All you need to do is copy the URL of the desired music from your browser and paste it into the app. The files will then be available for free and hassle-free download.

Download Entire Albums/Playlists

Downloading a whole album or playlist can be a tedious task with many other downloader tools. However, Spotiflyer makes it easy by allowing you to copy the link to the entire album or playlist and download all the tracks at once. You also have the option to download some songs from the playlist while omitting others.

Download with Album Cover

Spotiflyer not only downloads the audio content but also grabs the album cover along with every track, album, or playlist. This means that you get the complete package, just as it is on the targeted streaming site. The playlist will include the original cover art for each song, enhancing your listening experience.

Play Songs Using Your Own Player

Unlike other music downloaders, Spotiflyer allows you to use your own music player to listen to the downloaded tracks. You can customize your device’s download path and once the songs have been downloaded, you can use your favorite media player to enjoy the music.

Analytics and Translation

Spotiflyer anonymizes your data and never shares it with third-party services, ensuring your privacy. Additionally, you can contribute to the app’s development by translating it into your native language or suggesting improvements through project branches.


Spotiflyer for Mac is an exceptional music downloader that offers a unique and user-friendly download experience. With its ability to download songs for free, download entire albums/playlists, and download with album covers, Spotiflyer stands out from the crowd. If you’re impressed by its features, consider supporting the ongoing maintenance of the program. Download Spotiflyer for Mac today and enjoy fun and enjoyable music on your device.