[NEW UPDATE] Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist?

The world of music is a captivating and ever-evolving realm, with new and exciting ways to engage with it. Among the giants in the music streaming industry, Spotify continues to astound us with its endless array of innovative features. In the latest update, which has stirred up a whirlwind of anticipation among music enthusiasts and playlist creators alike, Spotify has introduced a highly sought-after functionality: the ability to see who liked your meticulously crafted playlists. This eagerly anticipated feature adds an extra layer of connection, allowing music lovers to uncover the stories behind the playlist affections and find common musical ground. So, let’s embark on this melodic journey together and explore the harmonious depths of this delightful update!

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Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist Now?

YES! With the recent update, Spotify has now bestowed upon its users the ability to peek at who’s jamming out to their playlists. This feature, highly requested by the Spotify community, adds a new dimension to the user experience, allowing creators to feel more connected with their audience.

Why This Update Matters:

  • Connection with Listeners: As creators, knowing who appreciates your taste in music strengthens the bond between you and your audience. It’s not just about numbers; it’s about real people connecting through melodies.
  • Feedback and Growth: By seeing who likes your playlists, you get a clearer picture of your audience’s demographics. This insight can guide you in curating even more captivating playlists in the future.

How To Use This Stellar Feature:

  1. Open your Spotify app.
  2. Navigate to the playlist in question.
  3. Click on the ‘likes’ or ‘hearts’ icon.
  4. A list of users who have liked your playlist will be displayed.

Voilà! Connect, engage, and groove with your audience like never before.


After all, there’s nothing better than sharing music with the people in your life and seeing who’s onboard with those same vibes. With the latest Spotify update, users can go a step further and actually see who liked their playlist — giving everyone an even greater appreciation of the music they share together. So don’t wait, check out this new feature today and find out who’s rocking out to your beats! With the recent addition of Freedom –– a feature that blocks distracting websites on Mac/PC devices while you’re listening to Spotify –– we can confidently say that Spotify has made it easier than ever before to enjoy music without any of the annoying hiccups that used to exist. [NEW UPDATE] Can You See Who Liked Your Spotify Playlist? Try it now and see what awesome tunes your friends are into!


Will I be notified every time someone likes my playlist?

As of the current update, Spotify doesn’t send notifications for every like. However, you can always check manually within the app.

Can I interact with the people who like my playlists?

While you can view the profiles of those who’ve liked your playlists, direct interaction is dependent on their privacy settings.

Is this feature available to all Spotify users?

Yes, both Premium and Free Spotify users can access this feature.

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