5 Ways to Add Friends on Spotify (Without Facebook)

Hello, fellow music enthusiasts! ? Are you eager to make your Spotify experience more social? Connecting with friends on Spotify can lead to discovering new tunes, sharing favorite tracks, and enjoying music in a whole new way. The best part? You don’t need Facebook to do it. Today, we’ll walk through five comprehensive methods to connect with friends on Spotify without involving Facebook. Let’s embark on this musical journey!

Search Using Spotify Username

One of the most straightforward methods to connect with friends is by using their Spotify username.

  • Detailed Steps:
    1. Open your Spotify app.
    2. Head over to the search bar at the top.
    3. Enter the following: ‘spotify:user:[friend’s username]’, replacing [friend’s username] with their actual Spotify username.
    4. Their profile should pop up. Click on it, and there should be a ‘Follow’ option. Hit that button!

Engagement Idea: Start a friendly competition. Challenge your pals to discover and follow ten new artists in a month. At the end, share your discoveries and maybe you’ll find a new favorite artist!

Dive into the ‘Discover’ Feature

Spotify’s ‘Discover’ isn’t just for finding new music. It’s also a gateway to connect with users who have a similar taste in music.

  • How It Helps: When you frequently jam to the same artists or genres as someone else, Spotify might suggest that you connect with this user.

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Public Playlist Sharing

One exciting way to connect with others is by sharing your music tastes through public playlists.

  • Steps:
    1. Create a playlist that represents your current musical obsessions.
    2. Toggle the playlist settings to ‘Public’.
    3. Share your playlist on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or even in Spotify-related forums and communities.

Power Word Alert: Viral Potential! With the right tunes and some promotion, your playlist might just become the next big thing on Spotify!

Engage in Spotify Online Communities

The internet is teeming with dedicated Spotify communities where users exchange their profiles, playlists, and song recommendations.

  • Where to Engage: Subreddits like r/Spotify, dedicated Spotify discussion boards, and Twitter communities using hashtags such as #SpotifyPlaylists are excellent starting points.

Safety First: It’s a vast online world. Share wisely and ensure you’re only revealing information you’re comfortable with.

Use the Magic of Spotify Codes

Spotify Codes function like QR codes, offering a quick and easy way to connect.

  • Guide:
    1. Request your friend to pull up their Spotify profile.
    2. They should notice a three-dot icon on their profile; this icon reveals their unique Spotify Code when clicked.
    3. Use your app’s camera function to scan their code, and you’re instantly connected!

Fun Fact: You can also print these codes on business cards or flyers for an innovative touch!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I change my mind and want to link with Facebook later?

No worries! Spotify provides an option in settings to link or delink your Facebook account anytime.

What are the benefits of not linking Spotify to Facebook?

Many users prefer separating their social media and music experiences, either for privacy reasons or simply to maintain different platforms for varied interactions.


With all five methods of connecting with friends on Spotify, you can now embark on a musical journey with your buddies! Check out additional artists’ profiles, explore the ‘Discover’ feature, look up your contacts on mobile devices, generate a sharable link of your profile, and use usernames. Get creative and start fun challenges with friends to see who can find the most unique artist. Even if they’re not using Facebook, you won’t have any issues in connecting with them because there’s no limit to making music social. Be sure to check out one of these helpful hints today and expand your Spotify playlist – it’ll be worth it!

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