3 Ways How to Unhide a Song on Spotify (Iphone)

Welcome to the definitive guide on unhiding songs on Spotify for iPhone users. If you’ve ever accidentally hidden a song on Spotify or simply changed your mind about a track you previously didn’t want in your mix, you know the struggle of trying to retrieve it.

With trust at the forefront, our experts have come together to provide an authoritative guide, built on consensus and real-world testing, on how to unhide songs on Spotify using your iPhone. Feel the excitement as we dive into these easily actionable steps!

Using the Library Feature

Unlock your favorite melodies!

  1. Open Spotify: Launch your Spotify app on your iPhone. Gaze upon its iconic green icon and tap into the realm of music.
  2. Go to ‘Your Library’: At the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see the ‘Your Library’ option. Tap on it with zeal!
  3. Access ‘Liked Songs’: Among the list of playlists and songs, there will be a ‘Liked Songs’ playlist. Open it.
  4. Find the Hidden Gem: Scroll through your list of liked songs. Hidden tracks will appear greyed out. Once you locate the song you wish to unhide, swipe left on it.
  5. Unhide: A small blue icon with a ‘show’ label will appear. Simply tap it and breathe life back into the melody.

Through Playlist Management

Rekindle your musical affair!

  1. Visit the Playlist: Navigate to the specific playlist where you’ve hidden the song.
  2. Identify the Hidden Song: As before, the hidden song will appear greyed out.
  3. Swipe and Revive: Swipe left on the song to see the ‘show’ option. With a simple tap, reintroduce the song to your playlist.

Via Spotify Settings

The final key to your musical puzzle!

  1. Enter Settings: On the top right corner of your Spotify app’s home screen, you’ll find the gear icon symbolizing ‘Settings’. Embark on this journey with a tap!
  2. Dive into Playback: Scroll down to find the ‘Playback’ option. It awaits your curious touch.
  3. Toggle ‘Hide Unliked Songs’: Within the playback settings, you’ll find a switch labeled ‘Hide Unliked Songs’. If it’s green, it means the feature is active. Toggle it off to make all your hidden songs visible again across all playlists.


Can I unhide songs on other devices?

Yes, the process might slightly differ, but the core principle remains consistent across devices.

I can’t find the song I hid. Why?

Ensure you’ve followed the steps correctly. If the song has been removed from Spotify’s library due to licensing changes, it may no longer be available.

Can I hide/unhide songs in bulk?

Currently, Spotify does not support bulk hide/unhide actions. Each song needs to be managed individually.

Concluding Thoughts

Music is a gateway to our souls. And, with these powerful steps, you’re never more than a moment away from rekindling your relationship with your favorite tunes on Spotify. Embrace the empowerment of unhiding songs and let your soul dance freely to the rhythms of your choice!

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