15 ways to fix Spotify error code 4 (Windows 7 to 11)

Are you a loyal Spotify user trying to fix the commonly experienced error code 4 on Windows 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11? Look no further – here we will take an in-depth look into how to tackle this pesky problem with 15 easy and efficient steps tailored specifically for each of the Window’s versions. We’ll inspect all the possible causes and solutions to ensure that your streaming service runs smoothly again before you know it! Let’s get started now on fixing this common issue and getting rid of those frustration-filled roadblocks once and for all.

ways to fix Spotify error code 4

1. Ensure Stable Internet Connection:

Before diving into technical solutions, always double-check your internet.

  • A wired connection can offer more stability than Wi-Fi.
  • Restarting the router sometimes works like magic.

2. Tweak Spotify’s Proxy Settings:

A misconfigured proxy might be the barrier.

  • Head to Spotify’s ‘Settings’ > Click on ‘Show Advanced Settings’.
  • Change the proxy setting to ‘No Proxy’ and save.

3. Keep Spotify Updated:

Using an outdated app version? It could be the culprit.

  • Regularly check Spotify’s official site or your app store for the latest updates.

4. The Classic Restart:

It’s old but gold.

  • Sometimes, merely restarting your PC can clear up temporary issues causing this error.

5. Check Firewall Settings:

Your computer’s defense might be blocking Spotify.

  • Navigate to your firewall settings. Ensure Spotify is white-listed.

6. Modify the Hosts File:

A more advanced step but can prove beneficial.

  • Go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.
  • Open the ‘hosts’ file in Notepad, delete Spotify-related entries, and save.

7. A Fresh Spotify Install:

Sometimes, starting over can resolve underlying problems.

  • Uninstall Spotify, reboot your device, then download and install the latest version.

8. Windows Updates:

Old OS versions can cause compatibility issues.

  • Regularly update your Windows. This ensures all apps, including Spotify, run seamlessly.

9. Spotify Server Check:

Occasionally, the issue isn’t on your end.

  • Check Spotify’s official platforms for any reported server downtimes.

10. Flush DNS Cache:

A cluttered DNS can disrupt connections.

  • Run Command Prompt as admin, type ipconfig /flushdns, and press enter.

11. Consider Different DNS Servers:

Switching DNS might do the trick.

  • Modify your DNS settings to use Google’s Public DNS: and

12. Administrative Privileges:

Allowing Spotify more access can be the key.

  • Right-click Spotify’s icon > Select ‘Run as administrator’.

13. Turn Off VPN:

VPNs can sometimes interfere with Spotify’s connection.

  • Disable your VPN temporarily and try accessing Spotify.

14. Clear Cache:

A bloated cache can cause unexpected errors.

  • Navigate to Spotify’s settings and opt to clear the cache.

15. Contact Spotify’s Heroes:

When all else seems in vain, it’s time to call in the cavalry.

  • The Spotify Support Team is always ready to assist.

Wrap Up:

With these 15 expert-backed methods, Error Code 4 should become a thing of the past. Dive back into your playlists and let the rhythms take over. Remember, with every tech challenge, there’s always a solution around the corner!

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